Rick Perry…A Box Of Rocks


Personally, it makes me scratch my head and think…WTF.

This guy is the poster boy for what is wrong with our political system, and living proof that the majority of people living in Texas have absolutely no clue.  Texas should be allowed to have their own country and not bother us with anymore with their idiots. I really thought After George “W”, we couldn’t find a more political idiot to hire to run the ship. It must be the water they drink “down thayer.”

No mustard, no ketchup, no condom.

When I worked for the FOX network last year, I asked this idiot a question on education and he danced, dodged, changed the question, didn’t answer the question and finally gave me the answer: “Next question.”

Here is what I asked him:

“Recently you met with an audience of local educators, and on education you said “I don’t care how you measure it, Texas is headed in the right direction. All you have to do is look how we’ve done on SAT tests and several key indicators.”  When the actually scores are examined, Texas comes out closer to the bottom among the states. The College board reported last month that only 53% of the Class of 2010 took the test and Texas was ranked 22nd. and remain well under the national averages for math, reading and writing.  How is this moving Texas in the right direction?” After some ducking and changing the subject to 4th grade and 8th grade African American kids, he finally said “We’re…we’re increasing that number….We’re making improvement in that….do we have a long way to go….yeah we suggest that we did….next question.


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